Blogging Break

Hello guys,
As you can notice, I´m taking a blogging break here in Night Clicks..and a long one.
During the past months a lot happened in my personal life, including a home moving.
If you´d like to know what I´ve been up to, please visit my other blog: Mizé Journey. I have been updating it at least once a month.
I just read that Entrecard closed. I wasn´t using it as I used to but still I think it´s a pity. Trough Entrecard, I meet many blogging buddies and got some traffic too. It was a cool community but as we know...nothing lasts forever.
I´ll be back...Just don´t know when.
Hugs to all xx

Blogger Status: Short Trip to Lisbon

Hello folks,
Hope you´re all well. Except for my health issue and my car, things are going Ok on my side.
Tomorrow I´m going on a short trip to Lisbon, my country´s capital, and hope to be back Saturday afternoon. My car is in the repair shop so I´ll be traveling by train and when I arrive Lisbon, I´ll use metro.
And..where am I going?

Rock In Rio Lisbon 2012 :)

See ya xx

Blogger Status: Getting Better but Still Sick

Hello everyone, It´s been a while but I´m still here trying to recover from health issues.
Most of my energy is now spent in trying to keep up with the usual daily chores, treatment and some family or leisure time (reading or online).
This week, I solved the issue I had uploading photos. My hp camera software is not compatible with my recently bought Acer´s Windows 7 operating system. I now have a card reader which allows me to copy photos from the hp camera chip card files to my Acer laptop. Problem solved, I can use photos on my post again :)
Tomorrow is dentist day. Since yesterday, I´ve been having a very annoying toothache which is sucking my good mood. Guess I´m not in my best phases, issue after issue kind of thing.
 Life: I know I can handle all this, now...can you stop the tests? :)

 Photo: 2011: In one of my trips to my hometown I captured a beautiful rainbow near a ferryboat.

See ya xx

My B-Day & Getting Better

Hello everyone,
I´m still a bit sick but TG getting better. My latest doctor appointment brought me some relief and exams showed good news. My energy levels are lower than usual but I´m hanging on and fighting the virus the best I can.
Today it´s my B-Day. I´m still on my 30´s :)
I will cook a nice dinner for us and have a b-day cake.
I was born in a Friday 13th as well, so I think this is a lucky day for me :)
See ya xx

Blogger Status: Been Sick

Hello folks,
I´ve been away from all my English blogs for a while as I´ve been sick, again. And I say again because the last time I feel sick was last November.
This time I caught a virus which caused me an infection and have been fighting it since late January. I went to the hospital early this February and have been home doing treatment.
Thanks to the treatment and plenty rest today I´m feeling much better. I have been posting on fb though. My wall there became a sort of personal blog but it´s not the same thing, I missed the blogosphere so today I´m feeling more energetic and decided to catch up a bit on my blogging.
Well, a blogger status post is supposed to be short. I´m going to update my other blogs and will come back as soon as possible.
See ya xxx

A Simple Tribute

February 2nd.
Today´s post is my simple tribute to Yemanja.

Image Google

Adgitize is Closing

Hello folks,
I´m starting this new blogging year with more energy as I´ve recovered from the infection and been having plenty rest.
As my post´s tittle says, I just found that Adgitize Ad Network is closing. I´ve been an Adgitize publisher since it began but never upgraded to publisher or had many people referred by me so my revenue was pretty low.
I just visited their website to confirm the info and was informed that they will pay any remainder revenue earned before December, the official closing date.
I already removed the Adgitize widget from my blogs and as I´m writing this post they´re not showing ads anymore.
Last month I have decided to include Adsense in more of my blogs, including Night Clicks. So far, Night Clicks type of visitors don´t click much on ads but once in a while someone does so I´m keeping it this way to accumulate with my other blog´s revenue.
Well, live goes on.
And because this is my first post in 2012, here are my 3 major blogging goals for the year ahead: Keep up all my blogs, find new ways/websites of MMO and keep growing my websites/blogs advertising revenue.
See you soon xx

Happy New Year!

I´d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Night Clicks visitors and fellow bloggers I´ve meet trough EC and on the Blogosphere.
Lately, I haven´t blog-hoped much but I remember you all.
Hope the New Year brings us more of what we really need.
Health, Peace & Love.
Cheers xxx