Blogger Status: Getting Better but Still Sick

Hello everyone, It´s been a while but I´m still here trying to recover from health issues.
Most of my energy is now spent in trying to keep up with the usual daily chores, treatment and some family or leisure time (reading or online).
This week, I solved the issue I had uploading photos. My hp camera software is not compatible with my recently bought Acer´s Windows 7 operating system. I now have a card reader which allows me to copy photos from the hp camera chip card files to my Acer laptop. Problem solved, I can use photos on my post again :)
Tomorrow is dentist day. Since yesterday, I´ve been having a very annoying toothache which is sucking my good mood. Guess I´m not in my best phases, issue after issue kind of thing.
 Life: I know I can handle all this, now...can you stop the tests? :)

 Photo: 2011: In one of my trips to my hometown I captured a beautiful rainbow near a ferryboat.

See ya xx

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