Classic Menu for Word 2007

If you use Microsoft Word 2007 but you prefer previous versions, such as 2003, probably you´re not happy with the newest version interface.
If you´d rather have the Word 2003 interface in your computer, there´s a software available that does the trick. Classic menu for Word 2007 is a software that allows users to work with the recent version of Word as if they were using the oldest interface. This software is easy to install and with it menus and toolbars are easy to enable. For example, you can easily show or hide the original tabs on Ribon and quickly find the command you´re looking for. Plus, the 2007 icon ribbons will be always available.
Classic menu for word 2007 transforms Ribbon of Microsoft Word 2007 to Old Classic Menu and Toolbar of 2003 and supports all main languages. For more information about this software, just visit the link above.

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