Received My Adsense Earnings

Last Monday, I opened my mail box and there it was, another cheque from my Adsense earnings. This time, it took me three months to reach the minimum payout.
As I posted here in Night Clicks, I had received my previous cheque last May 5, and this means my earnings are improving.
Most of my Adsense earnings come from my Portuguese art blog which has over 350 daily visitors from G. search engine. I have these daily visitors because my blog is in the first place of search results for it´s keywords.
This blog has almost two years of existence, it´s a PR3 and has many hours of dedication. This was my first blog ever. Currently, I update it once a week or every fifteen days. I´m very happy with my blog´s results and I will keep striving to provide good content.
Yesterday, I noticed I already reached half of the minimum payout again. In a couple months time I hope to receive another cheque.
Adsense has been my best blog advertising earner but I know from my experience that it´s not easy to make it work.

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