Shopping Laptop Acessories

When I decided to go back to school I had to buy a computer to do my paperwork. More recently, when I passed to the third year, I felt the need to buy a notebook because most of my paperwork became power-point presentations. With a notebook and internet connection, I could research and write my paperwork at home. Then, I bought a notebook´s bag so I could take it with me and present my work to my teachers and colleagues.
Since I became a blogger, my notebook became my cherished and indispensable item.
My notebook´s bag was one of my first online shopping experiences and I was satisfied with my purchase because of it´s good price quality relation. Back then, I wasn´t sure if I should buy a laptop bag or laptop case but after checking different models and prices I decided to buy a bag.
If you need to buy laptop accessories, I recommend
Gearzap is a UK online store, owned and operated by Mobile Fun Limited, that has everything you need for your laptop at very affordable prices. Besides fashion laptops cases and bags they provide batteries, cables, chargers, external drives, headphones, locks, memory cards, mice, screen protectors, cooling pads and much more. They offer accessories for many different brands.
I´d really like to buy two notebook accessories: a new bag and a cooling pad. Due to frequent utilisation, my notebook´s bag zipper got damaged and now I can´t use the bag anymore. Since I became a blogger, I started spending more hours online and after some time my notebook becomes very hot. I think I really need to buy a cooling pad too. If I want my notebook to last longer, a cooling pad is a wise investment.
Now I just have to make up my mind which accessory I should buy first. I need both the bag and the cooling pad. I think I´ll buy the cheaper item first, which is the cooling pad, then I´ll buy a notebook bag as a Christmas present to myself. I´ve been such a good girl this year... I think I already deserve both.

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