Catching Up With Old Friends & Feelings

Hello everyone.
Today, I did an afternoon shift and now I´m home, had a great dinner with my daughter and now I´m ready for another blogging night :)
I just spend over an hour at the phone with an old friend from my hometown. My gosh, I miss my hometown so much!
I meet this friend when I was only five years old and I consider her my best friend ever. It´s great to catch up with her. So many memories...great times together!
I can live in the other side of the country forever but I will never let go this friendship. We never forget each other, we always speak on the phone, specially in birthdays, holidays and important dates.
I just invited her to spend a weekend here and she agreed. Soon we will meet again, and I´m happy she accepted my invitation. Now that I´m alone and free, I can amuse myself (but not to death, like in Roger Water´s song, lol) anytime I like without having to give explanations about it.
This freedom feeling is so good. Thanks to it seems like time has gone back, I feel ten years younger, lol. Five months have passed since I broke up with my ex and I feel like having fun, I´m more alive than ever! I recovered my freedom and it feels great. I can do what I want, anytime I want.
So, tonight I´m updating my blogs and tomorrow morning I can sleep because I will do a night shift. Plus, today I received some good news. I´ll have Saturday and Sunday off! The whole weekend just for me. It feels great. I´m thinking about going with my daughter to a great slide swimming pool we have here. I´m sure we will have lots of fun.
Catch you later tonight :)

7 comentários:

Unknown said...

Working these kinds of shifts would drive me crazy!
Enjoy your weekend.)!

lunaticg said...

Wish I can do the same thing to.
For me, Its hard to forget the sweetness of love just like that.
See you around.

Metz said...

Hi Mize,

yayy am so happy to hear that you are doing great and that you have recovered so well :) Keep strong always. :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Thanks all for visiting and commenting.

Mizé said...

Hans: The shifts are a bit sleep dis-regulating but I need this job. Working at the hospital also makes me feel very useful to my community. This feeling of being useful, plus the monthly paycheck keeps me going :)
I also have two days off every week to rest, so I think it´s not that bad. The unemployment rates in Algarve, plus my age, make me grateful that I found this job in a public institution.
A good weekend to you too!

Mizé said...

Thanks for commenting.
I can understand what you mean.
It´s not easy to let go a relation with so many years but there wasn´t much "sweetness of love" anymore. I´d better look for the sweetness I need elsewhere.
Good weekend!

Mizé said...

Hi Metz!
Yes, your friend Ox isn´t easy to put down :)
Recovering from a broken heart and all the disappointment is the hard part of it but this was a well though decision.
Enjoy your weekend honey!
Hugs from your Portuguese friend xx