Blogging Basics: Tutorials

Hi everyone. Today´s posts continues the section about blogging basics.
Sometimes, when we start blogging we have basic daughts, like, how to add a photo in my post or how to change a template, and so on.
Blogging has a learning curve and how fast you learn will depend on your previous knowledge about blogs and internet experience. The truth is most people that start a blog for the first time without previous knowledge need tutorials and help.
If you´re using a Blogspot Blog you have access to many tutorials blogger itself provides. This tutorials are very helpful for those who are starting because they have images and step-by-step guides.
There are many other websites that offer tips and guides for blogger blogs. Most of this websites are created by webmasters that share their knowledge. I think some of this sites are very helpful because they provide tips, practical solutions and blogging resources, like templates and instructions to install them.
One example is , a website where you can find some tips and tutorials for blogger blogs.
I´m interested in finding more tutorials and blogging resources like this, so when I find new sites I´ll post about them.
See you.

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