One Dollar Jackpot

In Melbel´s Post-a-Day blog there´s a section about contests. I love contests so I read this section´s posts and I found info about the site One Dollar Jackpot.
One Dollar Jackpot is a site that runs a daily $1.00 contest, paid by Paypall. To enter the contest all you have to do is write your opinion on a specific subject or question in 25 words, or less. The best original setence wins the contest. The winner is notified by e-mail and the money is sent right away to it´s Paypal account.
The author of One Dollar Jackpot then writes posts about the opinions written in the contest entries.
I think this is a very funny idea, and if you have imagination and win the contest, you can get $1.00 easily, after all it takes just a few minutes to write a sentence.