What is Yuwie Adds?

In Yuwie profiles you can see a lot of banners of Yuwie Adds. But, what is it?
That´s what i asked myself when I started to see this banners in some of my friends profiles. I signup to check how it works.
Yuwie Adds is a site where you can get new friends and more pageviews.
It works quite simple, with a point system: Every time you add a member in Yuwie Adds list you earn one point, and when you refer a new member you earn 25 points.
So, the more members you add and refer, the more points you earn.
The member with more points is listed first in the member´s section, the second member, is listed in the second position, and so on.
With Yuwie ads you can promote yourself to other members, add new friends chosen by you, and therefor, more pageviews. The good thing is that all this members seem to be very active.
Since I signup in Yuwie Adds, I have about 10 new friends that requested me to add them, and I only asked someone to add me once.