Yuwie - I Got 2 Random Referrals!

The last weeks i´ve been more often in Yuwie. I´m enjoying the site very much. My referral tree is growing faster, thanks to the referrals that Yuwie randomly puted in my down-line. I had the luck to receive 2 random referrals.
Yuwie is guiving free referrals to active members only, you have to be online at least one hour before this new members try to sign-up without being referred by someone. To my luck, one of this referrals is active and already referred some new members. My total down-line is now 14 users, in 4 levels. In Yuwie we can earn till the 10th Level. At the moment i have 251 friends. I have more or less 100 PV per day of my profile and my record is 300 PV.
My favourite features in the site are the blog, costomizing my layout, creating music play-lists and finding nice comments to send to my Yuwie friends. They also have chat and a new video feature.