Free Spell Checker Tool: WordWeb Software

I´ve been doing some research about online spell checkers and I came across another useful site.
In my last post about this subject I did a brief review of, today I´m posting about WordWeb Software. is a site that offers two tools: A Crossword Compiler and an English Dictionary, thesaurus and reference called WordWeb.
The Crossword Compiler allows you to make your own crossword puzzles, word searches and sudoku and is available in six languages.
WordWeb is available as WordWeb Pro, a free version, and a database for developers of dictionary software or dictionary database. The WordWeb Dictionary and Thesaurus is also available as an international ad-free English online dictionary. If a word or phrase is not in the dictionary the site automatically searches external references and shows what it finds. is a good quality spell checker tool because it displays synonymous and information about the meaning of the words. You can search any word using online resources like Wilkpedia, and other well known dictionaries.
To use Wordweb first you have to do a quick download to your PC, after which you´ll be ready to use it. To check a word all you have to do is highlight it and right-click the tool´s icon. Another window opens, in which results are displayed, and from the search box provided you can search in other online dictionaries and sites.
Both SpellChecker and Wordweb tools can be a great help if you´re not a natural English speaker (like me, lol) and they can be combined. These online tools are completely free, my favorite words.