I´m Trying a List

When you´re looking to referr new members to a Site, one thing you have to do is promote your affiliate URL. You can promote your URL from a GPT Site in many ways, and all for free. You can use advertising credits you´ve earned for free or you can use banners, text links, PTC Sites, other GPT, traffic exchanges, ad-boards, forums, etc. The most expensive option is PPC.
I´ve read a lot of ads saying: "The money is in the List". Maybe you´ve read this too. Well, as usual, I was curious about this message and I´d like to find different forms of advertising. I joined a List called "Triple your List". Each week my e-mail account is recycled and I get three new leads. I´m trying this system to advertise Yuwie. I have to try it out longer till I can have an opinion. Till now, I haven´t got any new referral for the Social Network Site I´m promoting. One tip I would like to share about lists: get a different e-mail account just for lists you sign up, otherwise you´ll spend a lot of time deleting mails from your box.