I´m Working in more posts about Ways to Make Money Online

I´ve been trying to finish my series of posts "Ways to make money online" but my husband is sick and I have less time to write.
The next posts focus on how to make money with a Blog, as well as some site and products reviews. I´ve been reading some articles about making money with a blog and I found some interesting topics that I consider worth blogging about.
I also wrote an article about this topic, which I submitted to Article Alley.
I´ve been paid by some PTC sites and I reached payout in other two. I´ll make a full balance in the end of the month. This month I made a record number of posts here in Night Clicks and it´s also the record month in earnings. I hope I can keep it up. I think that probably one of the biggest blogger´s nightmares is running out of topics.