Earn Money Writing

Earning money writing to publish on-line is a vast subject. So vast that one could write a whole site about it.
The previous post explained how articles can help online business in aspects like PageRank, traffic, authority, sales, etc. In this post I´d like to let my readers know that there are many options to earn money online using writing skills. Not everyone can write and publish a book but, with a little bit of effort and research on a certain subject, many can write good quality articles.
I started earning a few extra bucks online writing resumes of books and articles, in Portuguese, to submit to a site called Shvoong. This site shares it´s advertising revenue with international article writers and I get paid each time my resumes are viewed (by page-view).
There are many other ways to make money writing, like Pay Per Post (PPP) sites, Paid Reviews, Paid to Blog, Forums, amongst others.
Skilled writers can produce good quality content, submit it to Articles Directories or sell it, working as freelancers. An advanced option is to write your own e-books and sell them online.