Changes in Night Clicks

As you may notice I´ve changed Night Clicks Template.
I was thinking about changing my template, but I was not sure if it would work. I did a search for free templates and I found a few sites but I didn´t do anything. Two days ago, I came across another Blog in Link Referral Site that had this tip, a link to this Free Template Site. I checked the site and I was very surprised with what I found. Some of their free templates are very nice and I thought it was about time to make some more changes here in my blog.
I think it looks much better with this new look. The other template I had before, the original blogger´s template, didn´t allow me to store posts by subject. The new side bar in this template is perfect to store my posts in different categories, using tags. This way they´ll be better organized. I also have a new link bar at the top, not sure how I´m going to use it.
With this changes I had to delete all widgets, so the next few days I´ll have a lot of work putting things back in order here in Night Clicks. I have to upload all links and codes again, so I´ll be busy for the next few days working to improve Night Clicks. Hope you like the changes, comments and suggestions are welcome.