The New Template: More Changes in Night Clicks

After dressing up Night Clicks with a fresh new template I decided to make some more changes. From now on I´ll get an e-mail each time someone comments here, so I can reply it faster. I like comments in my blog, specially constructive ones, feel free to comment, just don´t spam.
I´d also like to send a big Thanks to new readers that subscribed my Feed.
One thing I noticed in this new template is that the "About Me" section is very small. If anyone´s interested in knowing more about me, please read my first posts categorized as "Blog Introduction".
I also created a section called: Blogger Status. In that section you can find personal posts about things like: My feelings, my celebration dates, and other related topics.
I´m working in some posts to report new things I found while working to monetize Night Clicks. And because a new month just started: It´s time to work on my Earning Balance post. Catch you later.

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