Shopping Online: Identity Protection Service

I think that one of the major reasons why people avoid buying certain products online is because they are afraid to lose control of their private information or be a victim of identity or credit card theft. If you’re included in this group, like I am, there’s a new service that may ease our worries.
Imagine a service where companies you buy from will not be able to sell your information. These companies would not be able to keep your information because they would never be able to see it. That would be great, wouldn’t it?
Well, Shop Shield® is conducting a live beta test, to sign-up consumers for usability testing, completely free.
Shop Shield is a new service that offers complete protection against identity theft and fraud when shopping online. It provides a completely free privacy solution to protect your identity. This innovative service protects consumer´s credit card numbers, bank accounts, e-mail adress, billing adress, and login information.
Imagine never have to worry about anyone gaining access to customer databases, stealing your name, credit card number, password or even email address, because this information is never entered into the databases of web sites you are shopping. How is this possible?
It works like this: Consumer data is stored in a fortress of security systems, where
all personally identifiable information is fragmented, then encrypted. Then this data is stored in multiple independent databases. Click to Learn More.
This company reimburse every penny, up to $10,000, more than the coverage your credit card company provides and they will also provide complete, and personalized victim resolution services at no charge. To try this new service Visit Shop Shield®.

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