Website Review: Recruitment Juice

Did you know that developing recruitment training skills for your business can be easy and fun? If you think I might be wrong, take a close look to a product called: Juicy Bits of new Business. is a brand new website in the business recruitment training field. This website is a product from the creative thinking and work of world-renowned recruitment trainer, Roy Ripper, and serial recruitment industry entrepreneur, Matt Trott. is a website specialized in recruitment training programmes that are versatile, easy to use, engaging, and fun to watch.
Instead of creating a boring classroom presentation, this company wanted to do something really different that would keep viewers' attention and be worth remembering. So they hired a team of recruitment experts, trainers, production specialists, actors and designers to make the Juicy Bits of new Business. This tool, recruitment training videos dvds, was prepared by recruiters for recruiters and it was designed to motivate, inspire, educate and entertain, while featuring the most recent strategies and techniques. This tool can help you improve your new business skills, engage and motivate consultants in your team and help build success. If you´re looking for a fresh approach to recruitment training check this website, it provides a 15 minutes sample video of this company´s work.

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