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Today I added a new widget to Night Click´s sidebar, I just hope it doesn´t slow loading the blog. The widget is from, a website where you can download e-books about different topics for free.
First you sign up in the site and confirm your e-mail, after this steps you´ll have all the e-books in this website available to download to your Pc.
I thought about adding this free resource to my blog because I read one of their books about Self Improvment that had very helpful ideas to save money. You´ll find books in many different categories, like finance, business, parenting, food, health, arts, etc.

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Atlanta Apartments said...

Very cool, ill check the site out, thx

Matti said...

For a long time I look here in regular intervals by and read the interesting and well written contributions. Here I would like to thank you for it once and leave greetings from Bavaria!