Blogger Contests and Sweepstakes

I´ve added up a new link in the contests section in my sidebar, maybe you already noticed, anyway let me explain it better in case you have missed it.
Now...Do you like Online Contests and Sweepstakes?
Yes? Ok keep reading. If your answer is no, I suggest you read another post in my archives :)
Moving on, Contest Blogger Forum is a website for people who like to enter online sweepstakes, contest lists, drawings and giveaways. In this Forum you can find many free stuff, free samples, lottery, raffle offers, and other Internet freebies. Another option available is to promote your own contest in their Forums.
Ok, you better check it out yourself and see how you can win $100.00 prize they´re offering every month, beside, in this Forum you can find many different types of contests, like recipes, poems, etc.
See you soon.

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