Blogger Status: Cloudy Holidays

Hi everyone.
By my post title you probably can guess how I feel. I had reserved this days of August to go to the beach with my family but the weather is joking with us. The days are hot, around 28ºC but it´s cloudy and windy, not good enough to go to the beach, bahh. This must be the global warming effect because August used to be the best summer month of the year and now it even rains.
Once we don´t go to the beach I´ve been doing housework that needs to be done and I spend a few hours working a bit in all my blogs. I finally managed to return all my entredrops in the three blogs I got linked in my account.
In this last week I also had a few paid opportunities, which are a great help for next month earnings balance. At the moment, this is my main source of income from the net and I´m only using this type of blog advertising in Night Clicks. Maybe this path I choose moved me away from the initial objectives but, to be honest, I´m glad this happened otherwise I wouldn´t have progressed in my monthly online earnings.
See you soon.

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