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Hi everyone.
Last Friday I had a little accident, I got hurt in my left hand while cleaning. It really hurts when I move my hand and I don´t have strenght to hold heavier things. I didn´t go to the hospital yet, I´m positive I didn´t break any bone, otherwise I couldn´t move my fingers and my hand at all. Ok, I´m not a doctor and I don´t have Rx vision, it´s just a hunch.
This little accident is slowing down my writing because now I can only type with one hand. Somehow I´m fortunate, because I´m right-handed, otherwise it would be worst... Not that I was a very fast typer before, but I already noticed the difference. This situation is not "handy" at all. I was working hard in my new blogs and now my post are delayed. Anyway, I´ll keep working with one hand until I get better:)
See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

oh Mize, sorry you've hurt your hand. I hope its better soon

We both seem to be injured!

Mizé said...

Hi Laura. Guess we´re both with a bit of bad luck, ain´t we?
I had planned doing some "Organising and Declutter" sessions in my house during August (because it really needs), but I guess my plans will have to wait. Hope you get better soon too, so you can enjoy your vacations.

Rachel said...

I hope your hand feels better soon, I would hate to have to slow down my typing!

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks!
It´s a bit frustrating to have only one hand to type or do things, it slows down everything. But once bones aren´t broken I guess it will take only a week, max. two to get better.