Blogging: Finding Topics to Write Posts

This posts is a suggestion for those days when a blogger doesn´t know what to blog about. Sometimes I don´t know what to post and maybe some of you already felt the same way.

Frequently, my biggest problem is being overloaded with information and I find hard to choose from the many topics available. It´s not that I don´t have ideas, I just can´t decide what to blog about.
Every time I find useful information, a good website or article, I open a word text and copy the address. I have dozens of e-books in my PC about Internet Marketing, blogging, traffic, etc. Some of this e-book I offer here for free, others I use to have ideas to write posts. Also, when I have an idea for a post I write it down so I don´t forget it, even if I only use it later. When I can´t decide what to post I look for ideas in my list of topics. So, my other suggestions for those days when our brain is slower are:

~ Check the news sites and directories, there´s always topics to blog about.

~ Check article directories and read some topics to get ideas. I´m not telling you to post free articles, but from them you can get ideas of your own to start a new post in your blog´s topic. The same works with magazines and books.

~ Check bloggers communities and read the hot topics of the day. Just be careful and try not to repeat other blogger´s posts.

~ Write down your keyword list and go to Google keyword tool. Insert one keyword and check statistics to find which words people are looking for. I think this is a good way to start a topic search or to find related keywords you haven´t thought of.

~ If none of this works, take a walk, distract yourself. But if you´re really need to update your blog you can always blog about you, about the fact of not inspired, your personal life, your cat or dog, what you had for dinner, a wish list, a list of your favorite books/music/films, etc. I´m positive that the best you can do is write something and don´t leave readers without notice.
See you soon.

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