Blogs and Measures

Hi everyone, wish you all a good Sunday.
Today´s post is about blog measures, a topic closely related to blog monetizing. From my experience and from what I´ve read, there are a few blog measures:

~ If a blog is installed in it´s own domain it has more value;
~ Higher Google Page Rank ads value to a blog (0 is the worst you can have and the maximum page relevancy is 10).
~ Traffic measures are important, for example, a low Alexa means more traffic and higher reach;
~ Higher authority measures and popularity are important: Technorati/ other Social Networks.
~ The number of feed subscriber counts for a blog reach;

These are the measures used by most to determine a blog´s value. A blog with high performance in the above aspects has a better chance to be successfully monetized.
If you read the article "How Bloggers Make Money" you know that a good number of professional bloggers earn most of their revenue selling advertising space in their blogs. The price an advertiser is willing to pay depends on the above criteria, so if you´re trying to monetize your blog, those are the issues in which you should focus your attention.
It´s not easy to have a high performance in all criteria, for example, there are blogs that have PR 0 but have many visitors and feed subscribers, while other have higher PR but less visitors. I think the higher rates are achieved by those who have the best content and know how to market their blogs.
This list is just a basic guide, if I forgot something here, please share your two cents by commenting.

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