Entrecard: Top Droppers of July / New Toolbar

Hi everyone.
This was my second month in Entrecard and the balance is positive. I linked two of my blogs to my account and the total balance earned was near 5000 EC, once I spent around 500 in advertising. Not bad at all for my second month.
The best part of Entrecard is finding other good blogs in your niche, you can socialize and learn new things. Many blogs are running contests with money prizes or ECs. The common requirements are commenting, subscribing the blog´feed, or writing posts with links about that contest.
Entrecard recently released another feature, the toolbar. I´ve been using it for a couple days and I think it has some advantages compared to the previous system:
~ Faster drops, less time spent in each drop
~ Easier to find blogs by topic
~ Easier to manage linked blogs and access dashboard

The disadvantages I found were:
~ My PC gets slow when I open 10 sites
~ Shows repeated sites when I choose "Most Popular"
~ When I click a blog being advertised on E widget I logout my toolbar account.

My theories: I think people will click less often in the blogs that are being advertised. Despite this smaller issues I think the toolbar is a good improvement. I´m thinking about putting a feed in the blog that shows a link. So, a big thanks to Night Clicks Top Droppers in July! They were:

~ The Matthias Chronicles
~ Cooking with kuting
~ Rumbling Lankan
~ Modern Witchcraft
~ Counting My Pennies
~ Aloe Vera
~ The Cash Money Internet
~ Juliana's World
~ AdsenseAddict
~ Thailand Land of Smiles

2 comentários:

Rachel said...

I agree with your theory about people clicking on advertised blogs less often. It is much easier to click on blogs in your category or get random ones. I even think that people may not click the ones in their inbox so much too as it seems to only bring up the ones from that day when I always click the ones form the day before or else I miss loads.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks for visiting.
Lets hope this doesn´t happen soon, otherwise advertising in Entrecard would loose it´s value and I wouldn´t like that to happen. There´s one thing I realised, this social networks are ciclic, they come and go. Once everybody was on Technorati, now it´s Twitter, Digg, etc.
With Entrecard I noticed that I have more visitors, my alexa decreased, but I earned 0.00 from Adsense with the visitors of this blog.