Job Board Video Website

I was visiting Entrecard blogs and I came across some videos that bloggers were using in their blogs to find a job. I think this concept is interesting and I was curious why these bloggers were using this particular website, so I decided to investigate a little more.
According to the information on the website, is a Californian company that was founded in 2008 by two brothers, Greg and Theo Rokos. Before starting this website, they both had experience in executive search, employee management and human resources. is a website that provides a different concept of job board that avoids the normal anonymous boards: They use videos instead. With this website both employers and job seekers can introduce themselves through a short video and have their first interview through video conferencing.
The website is free for job seekers and if you upload your video resume you can enter in their weekly drawing to win a free Apple i-phone. I knew there must be something...:) Well, if you´re interested, check it out:

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