Saving in School Expenses

Time passes real fast. August hasn´t finished yet but I just realised that I have to start thinking about my school expenses and my daughter´s. I also have my car insurance to pay and now that I´m not working in part-time anymore, I have to plan things really well.
As I mentioned before, my school taxes in a public University here in Portugal are over one thousand Euros per year, which can be paid in three parts. I also have to think about other expenses like books and other materials, both for me and my little girl. She needs a new school bag, not to mention new clothes and shoes. Last year I managed to spend around 250.00 Euros only with her, and this year I have to buy everything again.
I decided that I won´t spend much with my stuff and I will try to buy her cheap materials because she loses things (others are "innocently" taken by her collegues). Last year, I had to buy rubbers and pencils almost every month so this year I will buy less in the beginning of the year. I will try to keep the budget low and avoid the "Back to School" euphoric season, and I will buy things as she needs. If I stick to this plan, maybe I will manage to keep the budget in the same values, let´s see.

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Anonymous said...

Back to School is always expensive Mize, however here in the UK you can get pencils etc quite cheaply, its the school uniform that is expensive.

Mizé said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for visiting. Here you can get cheap pencils, etc, but very cheap stuff lacks quality. We spend more more money in new books, school bags and other materials the teacher lists (the list is for all year and it´s quite huge). This year my daughter is going to learn English, and she´ll need dictonaries and gramma books too. I´m glad she doesn´t ware uniform like she did two years ago. Here in Portugal elementary public schools don´t have uniforms, only private ones. See you soon... in Portugal:)

Mister Gibson said...

That's the only trouble in life, things are very expensive and it's sometimes a struggle, everything has a way of working itself out though, life is hard..but don't let it get you down, Mick..

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting.
I try not to be too materialist, but the truth is that nobody lives without money. This post is a kind of moaning about how things are expensive and how I need to save to get things going. I decided that I wanted to go back to school in my age and that´s why it´s harder.
Thanks for the support, It won´t put me down because I´m a positive person and, like you said, things have a way of working itself.