Scrapbooks to Post in Blogs or to Send by e-mail

Hi. I´ve always liked photos and now I´ve discovered that I like design, specially digital art, skins for blogs, etc. Last year, I finally bought my first digital camera (I only had a mobile phone camera) to take photos of my daughter. A digital camera with my PC allows me to keep many photos in digital format. Once I already have have a lot of pics, I stopped impressing them and I keep them in CDs.

This weekend I did scrapbook for the first time and it was so much fun!
I came across a few blogs about digital art that made want to learn how it´s done. Then, I Googled the topic and found many resources available on the net. I played around with scrapbook tool.
Smilebox is website where you can create scrapbooks with music, from a limited collection, and share them in your blog, any other web page, or send them by e-mail. You have to register with your e-mail and then Smilebox provides the HTML code of your scrapbooks or sends them to the e-mail you chose. It was so fun that I will sure do a few more and I will search for more free resources.
The image in this post is a freebie from, a web resource for digital art where you can access freebies, after registration.
See you soon.

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