About Buying Properties in Portugal

If you visited my other blogs, you probably know that one of my interest is real-estate. In my blog "Countryhome" I share some of my endeavors while trying to build a house in a plot we bought a few years ago. This has been a difficult process and is not the same as buying a property already built and ready to move in.
Besides studying, one of my day job is to manage and rent a flat for profit, a modest family business in which I´ve been involved since very young, and actively participating since the year 2000.
Buying properties in Portugal isn´t difficult, and it´s a very good investment due to the favorable conditions of this country. If you are from a different country you´ll need proper advice and guidance plus a representative.
I think this is a good issue to discuss in my other blog so, in a near future, I will post about it. I think the description of the essential steps needed in this process may be good info to share and is related to my chore topics.

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