Blog Advertising: Performancing Ads

Hi everyone.
I recently joined Performancing Ads and added three of my blogs.
This company allow bloggers to sell advertising space trough them, they work as a middle-man, between advertisers and publishers.
After register, all you have to do is set your ads space in your blog, choose the number of ads you want to display and wait untill they´re sold.
In Performancing Ads you set the weekly price you wish for each space. I´m selling advertising space cheap, comparing to other blogs, but I think it´s a good way to start and, when necessary, I can change the prices. You can check the 125X125 spaces in my sidebar. If you wish to join me, just click the banner.
Performancing Ads allows you to choose between dofollow links and nofollow links, the choice is yours. Well, lets see what this new opportunity bring for me. As usual, I´ll report my results here. See you soon.

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