Blog Advertising: Project Wonderful

I recently joined Project Wonderful advertising network. They didn´t accept Night Clicks as a publisher, but accepted My Countryhome blog.
This network is another resource that allows bloggers to sell advertising space trough them. As many other networks, they work as a middle-man, between advertisers and publishers.
After signing up you have to set your ads space in your blog, choose the number of ads you want to display, and wait. Project Wonderful works according to the market laws. If the demand of advertising in your blog is high, you´ll earn more for each slot you sell.
I´ve started with two slots in my blog to check the demand. If there´s no demand I will need to reduce the advertising space for one slot, until I have more advertisers interested.
I will add my food blog to my account and see if they approve it. Well, let´s see what this new monetizing option brings to my blogs, and as usual, I´ll report my experience here.

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