Blog Stuff: Human Calendar

Hi everyone, weekend is near. Hope you have a great one.
Have you seen the Human Calendar? Many bloggers are using it.
My first reaction when I saw it was: "What the heck is this?" (dahh) but now I got used to see it in other blogs. This widget is from the same author of the Human Clock and I think it´s very original.
You can grab the HTML code in Human Calendar dot com website. First you choose the size of the calendar and set your time zone. Then, you´re ready to copy the code add it to your homepage/blog/website/profiles, etc. In the website you can also read more about the author and the story behind the human clock and calendar.

3 comentários:

Yale Zeuqsalev said...

I think it's great because it grabs attention than the usual numerical figure : )

Empty Streets said...

Mize this human calendar is hilarious i love it :)

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for your visit and comments

Yale: Yes I agree, it caught my attention right away. That´s why I decided to post about it, it´s very different from the common calendars. Cheers.

Empty Steets: Really?
My first reaction was: what the heck!!
I´m not sure if I like it... some guys look a bit strange :)