Blogger Status: Back To School Shopping

Hi everyone. My last blogger status post was in the last days of August so I decided to write one before my next review. I´ve had quite a few opportunities and I decided to go for it and forget about the rest, if you know what I mean.
I´ve been really busy the last couple days. Here in Portugal most schools begin the new year next Monday. So, in my home, me and my daughter are going back to school.
My daughter is in the third grade and yesterday, at dinner, she told us she would like to quit the Folklore group and go to an english school as extra activity. I think it´s a good idea, although she needs to do some sort of sport. Last year she was learning how to swim in the public swimming pool but this year the scholl doesn´t provide this service. As parents, we have to decide what´s best, I will try to find a solution to combine both types of extra activities.
I started my back to school shopping yesterday. I bought all the books and tomorrow we´re going to buy the rest. My daughter is really excited, she loves shopping, I guess all kids like new things.
One last funny detail about us: Some time ago, I asked my daughter if I could post a picture of her in my personal blog but she refused, she said: "I don´t mind if you use my real name but I don´t want any pic of me in the web". Smart girl, lol.

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