Blogger Status: Blog Renovation

Hi everyone.
As you probably noticed I´ve been doing a few changes in Night Clicks. I´m using a new template and now I´m organizing tags, the sidebars and old posts.
I really wanted a three column template but it wasn´t easy to find a free one that I could partially customize.
While bloghopping I came across this free template in a website with a funny name,, but it´s just what I needed, for now. The leaves in the header aren´t very related but it´s not that bad, considering the price :)
Maybe I should get a totally personalized template, I like both Viel´s and Carlotta´s designs. What do you think?
I also reduced the advertising space and I intend to keep it that way. From now on, there´s only two ways of advertising in my blog: Trough Entrecard or contacting me by mail, available in the footer.
I got tired of having many advertising widgets in my sidebar. Maybe the blog looks too empty but I prefer it this way than filled up with third part widgets. I´ll keep some bloggers communities widgets but I´m not sure which ones.
Well, with all this work my other blogs were left a bit behind, got to go to update them tonight. See you.

3 comentários:

Rachel said...

I like the new look!

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Thanks so much for the feedback, it´s much appreciated.
I really wanted a 3 columns template. This one is a free template but I can change almost all colours.

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