Blogger Status: Student Life Decisions

Today I had the (so) waited appointment with my teachers and colleges to decide who´s going to be our support teacher for this final stage, which includes two subjects, the residence and the dissertation project.
In this final step of my University course all students are called (about 50 students from 3 specialities) for this appointment. Then, each student has to choose an internal teacher and the residence place based on grades they had. The best student chooses first, then the second best, and so on, until all vacancies are completed and all students situation is defined.
Last year, I was number five in the list. I was very happy with this position and had the chance to choose a good residence place. I completed the residence, the respective final report, and had good grades in both subjects. Because I did residence in full time I wasn´t able to do the dissertation project, which I will try to do this year.
To my surprise, this year I was the second person in the list. I was so proud of myself. You see, in a student´s life grades are the best rewards, besides knowledge itself. Good grades fill our Ego and strengthen our motivation to study.
I choose a very nice teacher, younger, bright, energic and has the experience of a Masters degree and four years teaching in University. I hope I can complete my project this year and finish my course. Fingers crossed.

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