Blogging: A Few Search Tips

Hi. This post is about searching Google, in the first part I´ll try to answer a reader´s question and after I´ll share how I perform some searches.
One reader left a comment about Traffic Travis and it´s capacity for PPC results. For this type of search I think a very good tool to use is Adwords itself. You pay a one time fee of $5 (last time I checked) but you get access to all the info on PPC values and lists of high paying keywords.
A good keyword research should include different tools to compare results. Google provides a Keyword search tool that returns the average amount of searches performed by users which is a good indicator to be used to take conclusions.
When you´re searching Google you can use a few tricks to filter results:

~ If you need to know how many websites exist with the exact words you typed, use: "replace with your words". If you use " ", the results will be filtered.

~ To filter results by date, first do a normal search, then add ' as_qdr=d ' to the end of URL in address box and click enter. When you use this trick, you´ll get an advanced search feature that allows you to filter some results.

~ If you type: Link: name of the website, you´ll get some of the links pointed to that website. This option was restricted by G. They don´t list all results anymore.

A good tool I used to check all linking strategie of websites for free was an affiliate scheme tool. If you´re interested I can share that tool, just leave me a comment showing your interest. See you soon.

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