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Hi everyone.
After my last posts about tourism I´m back with a brief review of a good resource for free images. Images are frequently used to complement posts and I think it works very well in certain blogs.
If you would like to post pictures, but you don´t have your own, a good solution is to look for free pics websites.
I´m researching to build a list of free images resources which I´d like to post on my other blog dedicated to free net stuff. Most websites I´m examining offer both a free and a paid section.
To use this free pictures in your blog, it´s a good idea to read the website TOS and make sure the pics are royalty free before publishing. Some websites ask for a link back when you use their pictures, so it´s better to check their rules and avoid copyright infringement issues.
Not all websites offer good resolution images for free, and those who do have a restricted selection of topics. I´m looking for those websites that offer the best deals to include in my list.
If you´d like some free pics, one of the resources I found was:
See you soon.

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shawal said...


If i'm not mistaken, also have free images section...

Rachel said...

Great tip - I definitely prefer blog posts with pictures in.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the link. I am always looking for free photos. I look forward to your website that will list more. :)

Michael Cruse said...

Also, take a look at stock.xchng ( Go to Advanced Search and in the box titled "Restricted OK" choose "No". They have a large database of images that can be used on blogs with no link back. Read the TOS and drop them a thank you and the link to the page you are using the image on.

Mizé said...

Hi Shawal. Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, you´re right, that website has free pics. My idea is to look for less known websites, that one everybody knows and uses.
Regards. Mizé

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks for your visit.
I started using pics in posts more often. If used wisely, they really enahces posts and all the blog.

Mizé said...

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for your visit and comment.
You´re welcome, you can also check my archives in this blog. I have other posts about this topic with good links. I´m updating a list I have and I´ll sure post it when I´m done. Cheers.

Mizé said...

Hi Michael. Thanks for your visit and comment. I will sure check out that option, thanks for sharing. If it´s good, I will include it in my list. Best regards. Mizé.