DVD Training Programmes for Recruiters

Recruitmentjuice is a company developed by Roy Ripper and Matt Trott, two experienced entrepreneurs in the recruitment industry.
This company is specialized in developing recruitment training programmes in vídeo format which are versatile, easy to use and fun to watch.
The recruitment agency software developed by this company is called “The Juicy Bits of New Business – A recruiters guide” and can be very useful for recruitment professionals across the globe including trainee recruiters, recruitment consultants, managers, and executive search firms in all industry sectors.
The first series of this DVD based training programmes focus on new business, because it’s something most recruiters spend almost half of their time doing. As the economy gets tighter everyone will need to do more new business and do it more effectively
Recruitmentjuice training videos dvds were designed by recruiters for recruiters and were developed to motivate, inspire, educate and entertain, while featuring the most recent strategies and techniques.
Instead of creating a boring classroom presentation, this company hired a team of recruitment experts, trainers, production specialists, actors and designers to create the Juicy Bits of new Business
This tool can help you improve your new business skills, engage and motivate consultants in your team and help build success. This six-week training program was designed in separate modules that focus specific topics. The end result is a program enjoyable to watch which gets results.
The guide also comes with a workbook containing follow-up exercises and additional information designed to extend the learning experience. After watching the video people can discuss what they saw, share their thoughts and brainstorm solutions to the problems described in the video.
This program is a fresh approach to recruitment videos. If you check out the website you will find a complete description of this product and several sample videos of this company´s work.

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