Fashion Schools: Informative Website

If you like fashion, or want to learn more about this industry, there´s a good online resource, a website called
Fashion-Schools is a well designed website that provides information of fashion schools across USA. This website was created to simplify the process of searching for the right program to meet your educational and career objectives. It´s major goal is to list the best resources available for a good career preparation.
In this website you can find a list of different fashion schools and information about careers or degrees. You can find learning resources for clothing design, fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, or fashion in general. The site allows you to explore all the different career options in fashion design production, fashion marketing and advertising, fashion media and productions, among others.
For an easy site navigation you can check the search lists of fashion schools by state as well as online school programs. Besides this, Fashion-Schools has a section with useful fashion related articles so you can know more about this industry.

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