My Blogs PR Update

Hi everyone.
This weekend I didn´t blog on Sunday, AH!
I went out to celebrate my new PR :)
No, I´m joking I went out but because I had some shopping to do but I sure was happy.
PR was updated on 26th. I read in another blog that was Google´s 10th Anniversary. I think that giving us Bloggers a little more link love is a great way to celebrate it, don´t you guys?
Thanks big G, it was much appreciated.
I´m happy and surprised at the same time. First, I was prepared to loose my PR in Night clicks because, as you know, I do paid reviews. I only did reviews in this blog, my other blogs are safe and sound in PR subject, at least for now.
Second, I wasn´t expecting any PR in my new dot com domain. I guess this update rewarded my SEO efforts in the past months but left me a bit confused too.
I´ll explain why I´m a bit confused: We knew when the next update would occur (+/-) (considering the frequency of updates in 2007/2008) and now we know nothing at all, nice way to break the circle :)
Ok, I will stop complaining, after all, this update was a blessing to some of my blogs:

Arte em Vidro - Before PR 3, now PR 3;
It´s nice to maintain, I´m in the first page for my main keywords and 90% of this blog´s traffic comes from SE, what else could I want for such a small niche in Portuguese language?
An average of 250 visitors per day that click a lot in Adsense ads isn´t much but with my other blogs it adds up my Adsense earnings.

Night Clicks - Before PR 2, now PR 3, wow! Speechless...

Netfreesource - Before N/A, now PR 3, wow! I´m shocked, I can assure you I don´t have that many backlinks, but I´m grateful this happened. Now my new domain has more value. I´ll keep working on it. Right now I´m getting bored of that template. I think I need to fix that next weekend or so.

My Country Home - Before PR 1, now PR 2; Honestly I expected to improve because I have more links now than in the last update.

Portuguese Menu - Before PR 0, now PR 1; All links were natural and are related. I submitted this blog to more blog directories and got a link from Wikki Answers too.

My other 2 blogs are too recent to have PR.

So, the balance is positive. I was expecting my art blog to have more PR in the next update because I worked hard in linking and had the luck of finding nice Brazilian bloggers that have PR 3 and 4 blogs, maybe next time.
Night Clicks got more PR, and I think I know why. Remember my template problems on Friday? I changed the template that night, my third part codes were all uninstalled, get it?
How convenient that was, I choose the right day to change my template (and a few more things), lol.
Now, I have to think how I´ll link my blogs between them. I know I shouldn´t close the circle and I will keep Night Clicks out, for the same reason I explained above.
To fully understand the risks of doing paid reviews I´d like to know what happened with bloggers that only use Social Spark, were they penalized? Is it the code or the links?
Well, I guess the best way to know that is either find some of those bloggers and ask them, or try it myself. I think I will try it with one of my recent blogs, when he´s old enough, it will be like a case study. I have time to play around, I´ll sure learn something if I do it.
Ok. this post is long enough. I wanted to share my thoughts with you and ended up writing a 600 + words post, I´m getting wordy, ain´t I?
See you soon.

2 comentários:

Transgender Vanessa said...

Congratulations! It's always a good thing when Google shares out some link love :)

Gem said...

Nice! Couldn't resist to leave a comment, especially on that SocialSpark thing.

I was only using SocialSpark in my main blog, which eventually got PR3. When I started to write PPP and other sites that require dofollow posts, the blog dropped to PR0 in this last update.

If you had followed IZEA's blog a while back, SS is accepted by Google's Matt Cutts - the big guy behind Google's operations.