Paralympic Games

Hi everyone.
In my last site surfing tour I noticed something that I want to blog about.
When Olympics games took place, not long ago, many blogs and websites buzzed about it.

Not only in the Internet, Olympics was all over the media. Now that the Paralympic Games started, I don´t see the same type of buzz, or I´m a bad observer.
I´d like to send my congratulations to all Portuguese athletes in Beijin, and a special note to Joao Paulo Fernandes (gold) and Antonio Marques (silver). The Paralympic games aren´t over yet, I wish all the luck to our team.
If you´d like to check out all the info you can visit the official Paralympics website. Athletes deserve all our support and not only during the games. Some of them work in very difficult conditions and don´t have the type of recognition or financial support they should have.

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