Website Review: Tactical Outdoors

Today´s review is about a website where you can shop different types of tactical equipment from the best brands.
5.11 Tactical Outdoors is a website that offers a large inventory of tactical clothing, footwear and many other tactical accessories. In this website you can shop by categories. You´ll find different sections, and products from different brands. There´s so much to choose from, you´ll find: clocks, gloves, flashlights, jackets, shirts, pants, bags, uniforms, eyewear and many other equipments useful for camping and outdoor sports. My favorite sections are the footwear and the eye-wear, although one of their clocks would be a perfect gift for my hubby.
Tactical Outdoors offers custom service and discounts in shipping. Most orders ship within 24 hrs, otherwise they will contact you.

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Chrystal K. said...

That's great, especially the 24 hour shipping part.