Blogger Status: Student Life

Hi everyone.
Now, that school time is back, I have more to blog about, lol.
Today I had my second appointment in University with my teacher and colleagues. It went well, I did a bit of research during the week and I found some useful articles.
My next appointment will be on 4th November. Now, I have three weeks to research more and start writing the introduction of my project.
Yeap, in three weeks time I have to write a paper with 5/10 pages and find all the articles and resources I can. It won´t be easy, but I guess I´m ready to start working more seriously. This week I didn´t work much for school, I have to follow some sort of discipline, and organize a working schedule because time passes real fast.
Well, I guess I´ll be busy working on my project but I´ll update how things went after the next appointment.

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