Blogger Stuff: Unclutter Weekend

Hi everyone.
This weekend we were feeling better so we went to the city funfair. We had a good time but overspend a bit. Well, the funfair only comes to town once a year, so it´s not a big problem. The truth is everything is expensive, one ride for kids can cost 2.50 Euros.
On Sunday, I took some time to organize my flat. I decided to unclutter my clothes closet and the first step was to empty and clean inside of it. Now, it´s a nightmare, a total mess. I puted all our clothes in my home office room and everything is desorganized. I have to start selecting clothes and get rid of what we don´t ware anymore. So, I´ll have work to do for the next days, or maybe weeks, lol.
See you soon.

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