Carrer Information: Healthcare and Nursing Industry

Thanks to medical advances in detection, prevention, and treatment of illnesses, people are living longer than a few decades ago. Due to this, health is a developing industry of many billion dollars.
An aging population needs more medical care. While other job opportunities are shrinking, nursing is one of the fastest growing career fields in US.
One advantage of choosing a nursing career is you don´t have to study long years like other medical courses. For example, you can finish a licensed practical nursing (LPN) degree in one year, an associate's degree in nursing in two to three years, and a bachelor of science in nursing in four years.
If you´re considering a nursing career is a website that provides information about nursing education programs and careers. In this website you´ll find a large directory of nursing related schools and information about jobs in the healthcare and nursing industry. For example, you can find nursing schools by degree program, by state, check out salaries and carrer programs. If you´re looking for the right nursing school, check out this website.

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