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Quibblo is a fun survey, poll and quizz website where you can make your own quizz, take quizzes done by other members or share them with your friends because results can be embed on any page on the internet.
As you probably know I like this quizz games, this time I wanted to know what my name´s initials mean. My personality based on initials was:
“You are energetic, fun, and friendly, or at least have the potential to be. You sometimes let things get you down, but when you move past them you are a really great person!”
I agree: I´m energic, I like fun stuff and I´m friendly, even to those I don´t know. I like people, and to help others when I can. Those are two of the reasons that lead me to my area of studies.
I sometimes “let things get me down” but I don´t really depress. How did they guess?
Well, I like to see myself as a good person, at least I try, although my humor reveals I know how to be a little nasty too.
This quizz games are really fun. Some make me think about serious topics in a very “light” way. You can find this and other quizz games in Quibblo Website.

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