Megan´s Law: Database Website

Unfortunately, child abuse is a topic we see many times in the news. I must consider myself lucky, because I live in a country relatively calm in this matters.
Although statistics have lower numbers in Portugal than in other countries of Europe this is a subject that concerns me. I have a young daughter that I need protect the best I can.
In United states there´s Megan's Law, created in 1985 to protect citizens. Thanks to this law, the exact location of any previous sex offender is now considered to be public record and this information is available to anyone who inquires. is a new project created to provide Sex Offender Registry services. In this website you can find if there are any criminals living in your neighborhood. If you get a detailed report, you will receive access to information such as exact location of offenders living in your area, full names, address, aliases, and more.

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