My Laptop Computer

Six years ago, when I started studying in University I bought a desktop computer but in the third year, when teachers asked for group Power Point presentations, I had to buy a laptop.
Laptops are very versatile, they provide the same features as a desktop computer but are portable. With my laptop and wireless Internet I can do my paperworks, mail them to my teachers or colleges and update my blogs anywhere.
Recently, prices of notebooks have fallen so you can find good brands with quality features at affordable prices.
Before buying a new laptop I had to decide which brand to buy, so I did price comparison. You can do online price comparison in Savebuckets website. This website helps find a cheap laptop and you can easily compare the best brands including Acer, Samsung, Sony, HP or Toshiba.
The leading brands I compared were Toshiba laptops, Sony and macBook. It wasn´t easy to decide because most brands offer similar features and prices.
I like music and videos so much that I bought a Toshiba Satellite, Intel Centrino Duo, which has a very good media center with harman/kardon sound and has been working very well in the past two years. Here´s a picture of my working station:

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