Personality Quiz

You know how I like quiz games and fun stuff, don´t you? Well, I´m a mom but it seems every Friday I come across different stuff. I should start a "Fun Friday" section or something like that.
Well, today, I came across a website that had a dating quiz game and horoscopes. I wanted to check results for my personality so I did the quiz and guess what?
I´m a Frustated Romantic! My results were:
"You’re sensitive, imaginative and everything that the opposite sex says they want… except you never seem to get quite as many dates as you’d like. In your love life you often feel that the competition passes you by. Don’t worry though. You’re a great listener and you’re most likely to find happiness with someone who will be sensitive to your emotional needs. Keep your eyes open and the right date for you will appear sooner or later."
This quiz games are fun and many times results match the view I have of myself.

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