Reading Blogs: Brings Ideas for New Posts

Hi everyone.
By the number of times I have posted about Entrecard you probably know I´m a big fan of this blogger´s network. I like the traffic it brings to my blogs but what I like most is the great blogs I found since I joined, last June.
I have five blogs in my account and I only make drops every day with Night Clicks because I don´t have time for more. My mom and school responsibilities, along with a flat to take care of, fill all my time. As you probably read here somewhere, sometimes I sleep less to keep it up.
If I can make 300 drops in one day, I´m lucky. Normally I do 100 drops with Night Clicks and the rest of the time I divide it in my other blogs.
Well, I was reading Atniz posts and came across a comment of a reader that said the Follow/nofollow links was a confusing topic. Well, I decided to write a few post to share what I know of this topic, maybe it helps. I will start writing this posts as soon as I finish my recent jobs.
So, as the tittle of my post says: Reading other blogs can bring you ideas for your own posts. Besides, you get to know other cultures and different ideas. What a great way to travel in the blogosphere, isn´t it?

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